Warm up with this Whiskey & Tea drink recipe!


I'm on the east coast so the weather is starting to get a bit chilly. Two of my favorite drinks to warm up are a hot cup of tea and a glass of whiskey neat. I've been thinking recently if there was a way to combine my two loves to get the best of both worlds...


I call it The WhiskTEA: Fall in a cup!

Okay, okay it's really just my version of a hot toddy :) I was really excited to make this with tea from a company I just discovered, For Tea's Sake. Of course, a company with a tea pun as the title made got me all giddy! 

You only need a few ingredients for this simple drink.

  1. Whiskey of your choice. I used Jameson because that is one of my favorites but I think that a bourbon would be just as delicious. My favorite bourbon is Bulleit
  2. Carnival Ride tea blend (Use code Naza15 for 15% off your first order!) 
  3. Fresh cinnamon sticks
  4. Shot glass
  5. Tea infuser or loose leaf sachets

The instructions are so simple, get ready to make a mug full of happiness! 

  • Gather ingredients 
  • Fill shot glass with your whiskey of choice and pour into a glass or mug. Make sure whatever you pour the drink in can withstand hot temperatures. If you'd like a stronger drink, feel free to use more whiskey ;)
  • Boil water. Once boiled, pour water into a cup then place one teaspoon of the carnival ride tea blend into your infuser or sachet and place into the boiled water. 
  • Let tea brew for 5-6 minutes. This brewing time is specific to this tea blend. 
  • Once brewed, pour tea into glass/mug with whiskey in it. 
  • Add honey if you desire a sweeter taste (I sure did!)
  • Place one or two cinnamon sticks into drink and let sit for a minute
  • Enjoy this "fall in a cup" drink!
Cup of Joy glass mug is available in my  shop !

Cup of Joy glass mug is available in my shop !

I chose to pair the carnival ride with the whiskey because it embodies the fall season. The blend includes apple pieces, hibiscus petals and rosehip pieces. The tea has a caramel apple taste and which creates a spiked apple cider tasting outcome.

If I were to do this recipe again, I would definitely try using a bourbon. Bourbons, especially Bulleit (mentioned earlier) have a bit of a spicy flavor that would go so perfectly with this drink!

Notes: If you choose to sweeten, don't overdue it! 

Have you tried a spiked tea drink and liked it? Share with me! 

I'm so excited to give you all the coupon code Naza15 which will give you a 15% off discount with your first online purchase from For Tea's Sake! Go out there and grab this tea and have yourself a cup of fall <3