Tea For One: The Brewing Mug

Waste not!

I have a medium sized teapot at home and if I'm having tea with several people or having several glasses myself, it's perfect! Sometimes though, I'll make an entire pot and only have one glass. To me, warmed up tea is never as good so it goes to waste!

I've found a solution to tea waste, this brewing mug from The Tea Spot.

Here's how it works

  • Place the strainer into the mug
  • Pour a teaspoon of your favorite tea into the strainer
  • Pour hot water over the tea
  • Cover with lid
  • Let steep (check steeping times on tea packaging) 
  • Remove lid and strainer
  • Add sweeter (if you so fancy) and enjoy!

Later today I'll be posting a video of the process on my instagram!

Here's why I love this mug.

  • It's made out of ceramic which holds in the heat of your beverage
  • It's a large mug...I like big cups and I cannot lie
  • It's the perfect amount of tea
  • I thought the strainer might be too hot to touch once steeped but...*drumroll* IT'S NOT! 
  • Oh, and you can choose an accent color

Super simple to use and It's lovely. I've abandoned my teapot the past few mornings to use this mug. It's much quicker for getting out the door and off to work and I don't waste my precious tea! 

What's your favorite way to steep? 

Check out The Tea Spot.