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Why Tea?

Tea has been part of my life since childhood. As I grew older it became part of my routine and I felt as though it was something I couldn’t live without. Years later, I KNOW I can’t live without tea but I certainly know more about it. When I started this blog, I thought I knew a lot about tea but I really only knew about one tea. Tea is not only a delicious beverage but something that connects us all and to me, that is worth exploring!

Is this your full time job?

Not yet, but hopefully one day! I create Tea Thoughts content on nights and weekends. I still work a separate full time job.

Who is on the Tea Thoughts team?

While I run every aspect of Tea Thoughts by myself, I can’t say that I could do it without the incredible support of family and friends!

Are you a tea expert?

Not even close! But, I drink a lot of tea and certainly know how to enjoy it, how to pair it and how to use it in recipes! I’ve also found that with tea, you can never know it all. There is so much to learn about this amazing plant and the delicious liquor it creates.

Why Recipes?

While this blog originally started as a way to try different teas and let you know how I liked them, it quickly became clear that I wasn’t passionate enough about that. Cooking and baking are two things that I love to do. They both allow me to experiment, create and share with those that I love!

While I personally have come to drink mainly plain teas, blends are a great way to give your dishes a bit of a flavor kick! Using teas in recipes of all kinds makes drinking tea easier to incorporate into our everyday lives. If we can find ways to become more familiar and comfortable with tea then more people will be willing to experiment and consume it!

My goal is to share my love of tea and pass it on to you too :)

Can we work together?

I love to collaborate! Reach out to me to discuss content and pricing. I’ve worked with tons of tea brands to create tea related content like Sips by, Numi, Owl’s Brew and more!