Photo by: Jen S. Photography

Photo by: Jen S. Photography

Privacy Policy


This privacy notice helps you understand how we collect and use your personal data through your use of our site, this includes information you provide through our site through purchases or subscribe to our newsletter.


Tea Thoughts is comprised of one sole owner and operator, Nazanin Yousefnejad. She is the only person who comes into contact with data provided by you.

Places where your data is collected include and

When you make a purchase through Etsy, your payment information is 100% processed by Etsy and is not in any way handled by me. Etsy has their own privacy policy which you can view here if you have any questions.

The data I come in contact with is always provided by you and includes things like: name, email and mailing address. There are only two reasons I ever use this information which you can read about below.


Orders: When you shop on Etsy in my shop, you provide your name, email and mailing address and the only way in which this is used is in relation to your order. Your name and mailing address are needed to create a label and ship your package to you. I rarely use email addresses here unless I need to contact you about your order. However, I always send a message on Etsy first to try to reach you before sending an email. If for any reason you would like this information deleted, please contact me at and I will work with Etsy to delete this data.

Newsletters: When you subscribe to my newsletter you are providing your name and email address which is processes by Mailchimp to send my newsletters. At any time if you want to stop receiving newsletters you can simply unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or contact me at and let me know to take you off the list. I will then delete your name and email from my mailing list.

In most cases, email subscription is done solely by the subscriber but in some cases emails are collected during a giveaway using an app. When you enter a giveaway that requires an email you are agreeing to be added to my newsletter which is made clear in the giveaway app. After a giveaway of this nature I will send out a newsletter to give anyone who has been added from the giveaway the opportunity to unsubscribe.

A more comprehensive version of this policy will be uploaded soon after I seek more legal guidelines. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to email me at