Welcome to Tea Thoughts!

Hello lovely, I'm Nazanin!

Tea Thoughts was born out of a love for tea, baking, and a need for a creative outlet! I'm on a mission to try new teas, bake new sweets and create some things along the way. 

 Illustration by  JaneEDesigns  

Illustration by JaneEDesigns 

Why do you love tea so much? 

Since I was a child, tea has been a routine, it helps me relax and makes me feel good inside. I'm discovering that each tea has it's own personality and use for different moods. I believe that tea is for anyone and there is the perfect tea out there for everyone! Over a simple cup, tea brings people together for happiness and laughs creating a bond and community...communiTEA. 

Are you an expert on tea?

Heck no! But am I passionate? heck yes! I love to try teas and tell you about their aromas, taste and how they make me feel. 


I love to bake and will post recipes for desserts I try under the "sweets" tab.


You may have noticed the shop tab. In May, I opened my etsy , Tea Thoughts Shop where I offer tea themed items! 

Portfolio & Press

I'll share some of my custom pieces I've created for different clients, product photography and guest features.