Step Into the Tea Laboratory

Meet the Mad Scientists.

One of my favorite parts about trying new teas is getting to know the company behind the tea! If you've been keeping up with Tea Thoughts recently you'll remember a company called Tea Laboratory where I was able to create my own blend! I was able to speak with Gloria of Tea Laboratory, read below to find out a little more! 

1) What sparked the idea for Tea Laboratory? 

It was actually a few Christmases ago. The theme was "homemade Christmas" and we decided to make everyone herbal teas as gifts. After discovering how much fun it was, we decided that everyone should have the opportunity to blend their own teas. 

2) Where did your passion for tea start? 

I worked in a country-style English tea room for my first job when I was 16, and then a French-style tea room a few years later during college. I have never been a fan of coffee, so I naturally gravitated towards tea. Working at the tea rooms reinforced my love of all things tea.

3) Do you have a favorite tea?

 This is a hard one! I love so many. Jasmine pearls have always been a favorite because of their unique fragrant nature and lovely character - I am so excited to have them in our shop now! Another of my favorites is Formosa Super Fancy Oolong, which we are no longer able to get (at least for now!) - the best oolong I think I've had!

4) What is your favorite setting to enjoy tea in? 

With friends, on a cold day, along side some yummy cookies. 

Cookies...Gloria and I are on the same page ;) 

5) Do you have any tips for people who are trying out the "create your own blend" option on the site?

Be adventurous! You can't go wrong (mostly!). It helps to start with two bases (typically gives a nice blended flavor). If you have a kind of flavor or style in mind when you start, it can be helpful in selecting herbs, spices, and flavorings that you will like. But if not, go with what sounds good or interesting! And, if you have any questions, please ask us! We are happy to help. Insider info: we are working on getting images in the lab to help with selection!

6) What do you envision for the growth of Tea Laboratory?

 Currently we are trying to get the word out and get people excited about it, while getting our feet off the ground. In the next year, we plan to try out markets (watch out Seattle!). Eventually, we think it would be really great to have a storefront with some fun lab features. 

Go check them out!!!

7) What is your favorite tea pun? 

Well, I like this one (a classic): "Move oolong, nothing to tea here"

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