Nomadic Teas: Firepot Masala Chai


I had the pleasure of receiving a bottle of this Masala Chai tea concentrate from Nomadic Teas. What a cute bottle, am I right?! 

I've never used a tea concentrate but on days when I want tea but don't have the time it sounds delightful. The directions are so easy. One part masala chai and one part milk of your choice. 

The beauty of this mixture is that you can have it cold or heat it up. It's January, so in Maryland that means hot tea for me! Not to mention that it's national hot tea month!

I combined the the firepot and regular whole milk then heated them on the stove for a few minutes. I'll just say that before heating the mixture the concentrate itself has an incredible aroma of what is so familiar as chai. The ginger was a note that especially stuck out to me. 

I'm a sweets lover so I was curious to see if the mixture would need any honey or sugar. Once I took my first sip I was in love! I'm not one to put milk in tea but the milk perfectly mixes with the chai. 

What a delicious surprise! This tea had all the perfect elements. It's sweet just how I like but there's a hint of spice that comes through from the ginger and pepper. It kinda tasted like a delicious dessert in a cup! I would be curious to play around with the ratio of milk to concentrate and explore the range of flavors. One part of each seemed perfect to me though. 

I didn't need any additional sugar but in the instance that you might, I conveniently had these adorable sugars from Chambre de Sucre that hang on your cup! Perfect for a tea party! 

As someone who loves to infuse tea into non tea drinks, sweets and foods I am delighted at the tea concentrate. What a versatile way to incorporate tea into your everyday life in a simple way! I got so excited that I made a chicken blend using this masala chai which I'll be sharing with you later this week! 

Have you had a tea concentrate that you like? Nomadic Teas also has a rooibos chai concentrate which I've never tried but can only guess it's as delightful as the masala chai!