Making Matcha: The Process

Matcha Round Two.

It's official, I'm obsessed with Matcha. I received a matcha set from Pumeli, it was gorgeous. Even when it's unbearably hot outside I still prefer hot tea to iced tea, to me I can taste the flavor better. It's similar to when you have a whiskey neat vs a whiskey on the rocks, I prefer neat for the same reason.  

I love the way this set is packaged, that is a big deal for me. It shows that details are an important part of the product. When I opened the box I was really blown away by the bowl. Pumeli collaborates with small businesses to guarantee the most beautiful products in their boxes. I love this bowl, it's has such intricate detail and got me super excited to try the matcha!

Each kit comes with a bowl, matcha powder, sifter, whisk and scoop. The instructions for making this matcha comes on a card in the package.

  • Place a scoop of matcha into the strainer while it's placed over the bowl
  • You can use the scoop to push the powder through the strainer so that all the lumps are gone. If you're a baker, imagine sifting flour or powdered sugar. 
  • Pour a tiny bit of hot water into the powder and whisk a few times so that it makes a paste
  • Add a few more ounces of hot water
  • Whisk briskly in M & W motions until the matcha is frothy

You can watch a short video on how to make matcha by Pumeli here

frothed matcha.jpg

Matcha brings a whole new meaning to tea rituals. I sat out on the balcony and soaked up the sun while I prepared this matcha. The best part is that you have to be present for this process, it's almost like meditation. Sure, making this matcha only took a few minutes but so many people don't even give themselves that much time to unwind. Thinking about each step cleared my mind of everything else. By the time your matcha is done, you're already at ease and the tea only makes it better. 

Pumeli is all about #PermissionToRelax. This matcha set certainly does the trick. The entire experience from receiving the kit, unpacking the individual items and making the matcha truly helped calm me down. I mentioned in a previous post about making iced matcha that I really enjoy the subtle, refreshing taste of the tea. When I brewed it hot in this instance, I enjoyed the flavor even more. Even as a hot brew, the taste of the matcha powder is earthy but also light. The hot tea is perfect for ending your relaxing ritual of making the matcha. I felt the warmth of the tea relaxing my tense muscles. 

 I highly suggest brewing your own matcha, not only for the health benefits and taste but also for the process. A stressful day can be made better with this tea ritual. Pumeli's presentation of the kit was an experience in itself and the beautiful products will make the process even more enjoyable. 

Check out Pumeli's Matcha Starter Set for yourself!

 Do you have a specific ritual around brewing your tea? Share with me!