Bolder Breakfast Tea

Cake Tea.

Do you like cake? What about tea? What if you could get the best of both worlds?! 

I tried the bolder breakfast today and deemed it one of my new favorite teas! 

Ingredients: Black tea,  Pu' erh Tea, Mallow Flowers, Dark Chocolate flavoring. 

I want you to imagine a time where you've baked a chocolate cake. Take yourself back to that moment when the whole kitchen is filled with the sweet fragrance of chocolate and you're pulling the cake out of the oven. The chocolate smell becomes more powerful as you pull the cake out. Keep imagining that sweet aroma, THAT is what you get with this tea!

I was shocked when I opened up the package and stuck my nose in. Before I opened this package I noticed the dark chocolate flavoring so I thought it would be a good tea to make cupcakes with, now I know for sure!

I really enjoyed the taste of this tea. I was a bit skeptical at first because of the chocolate. I love to have sweets with my tea but for some reason I've never liked plain chocolate paired with tea, I feel as though both have such a strong flavor they're better enjoyed alone. I made an exception. 

Bolder Breakfast definitely has a bold flavor from the black tea, almost like the taste of an Irish Breakfast tea. There was also a slightly bitter aftertaste which probably came from the Pu'er. The mallow and the dark chocolate keep it sweet. Honestly, it's hard not to enjoy this tea purely for the chocolate cake fragrance with each sip. 

My boyfriend's birthday is on Wednesday and I plan on flavoring his cupcakes with this delicious tea, stay tuned for the recipe!

Have you ever had a "cake" tea?! 

You can purchase this tea to try for yourself at The Tea Spot! Use code MYFIX for 20% off!