Lady Lavender

Lovely Lavender.

Tea number 2 from my most recent The Tea Spot package! So excited to get a delicious black tea blend because boy do I love me some black tea! When I opened up this package of tea and stuck my nose in, I was temporarily transported to a spa. No, I'm not delusional but this blend has such a healing scent to it. 

Lady Lavender is made of black tea, lavender, orange peel, bergamot & vanilla flavoring. 

I think the combination of the bergamot and lavender gave me the feeling of calm and relaxation, like you would find in a spa. I've read that bergamot is a great skin remedy among other things only reinforcing the "spa" theme. 

On another note, I thoroughly enjoy brewing tea in my pot but in a pinch these "steep sacks" are really great! You don't have to sacrifice the taste of your tea, just pour some leaves and place in your cup! These work well if you have a teapot with no basket to catch the leaves as well. My mom gave these to me but you can buy them at The Republic of Tea!

I got this turkish honey from Trader Joe's, they are the best! Lady Lavender had some very subtle notes of orange and vanilla. It was heavy just as expected from a black tea and very rich, the flavor and tea stayed on my tongue. It almost felt a bit more oily than normal tea, not in a gross way but that it stuck to my tongue. I liked this because I could enjoy the flavor a little longer!

I feel so lucky to have been introduced the real world of tea. I still swear by my simple earl grey and ceylon mix that I drink daily but I was missing out. I was so set in my ways that I didn't want to try anything that was a bold, strong smelling blend. I've now come to love so many different teas and I have so many more to try!

I don't say it enough but thanks for joining me on my tea tasting adventures, I'm so thankful for each and every one of you that takes the time to ready my posts! I want to get to know my readers more, comment below or send me an email at!