Jolie Blooming Tea

Watch the Brew.

I was so excited to try another blooming tea! You can check out a video of it on my instagram

One of the the most interesting aspects of a blooming tea is that you get to watch the brewing process in action. Although regular tea leaves expand when they brew, just like this tea, we don't often pay attention to it. This tea makes the process more enticing.  

When I took the video and sped it up, it was incredible. When the tea expands it looked like it had life, like it was evolving. The environment caused the tea to change it's behavior. Even in a harsh environment it continued to bloom and brew me delicious tea. 

This process of blooming is very important to me. I feel as though we're all like this blooming tea at some point, afraid and closed tight. We fear to let ourselves open up and spread our beauty to the world. It's often a harsh environment that shows our true colors, instills bravery and causes us bloom. 

I know I haven't talked much about the taste of this tea but for me the blooming tea is more about the experience. One of my favorite things about tea time is that it's a process. A process that takes my full attention and care, that makes me stop my busy mind to concentrate on how many leaves to put in the pot, how much water to pour over them and how long to let the leaves expand. 

The blooming tea is a bit different because the beauty of it holds your attention entirely, I always sit there and watch it fully open not looking away for fear of missing some portion of the process. This is a form of meditation. This is calming. This is why I drink tea. 

We often think that in order to be successful we have to run around until we collapse from exhaustion. I think we'd all be better off if we get that notion out of our minds and make time for tea (or whatever you fancy) . Tea time is sacred! 

Is your tea/coffee time a chance for you to slow down? If not, I challenge you to give it a try!