Good Nights, Better Days


I'm really excited and thankful to be able to take this special journey of getting a better night's sleep. Sleep is so important for so many reasons. Our bodies need time to heal, rest and recharge. You may be "sleeping" for 7 or 8 hours but that doesn't mean you're necessarily hitting your REM cycle and if you're not hitting REM, you can do better. 

I love how Goodnight Darling Co is tackling this very important issue and that I've had the opportunity to try some of the products! 

It's not all about baths and candles, you're forgetting that tea can play such an important role in a well rested body :) 

Today I decided to TREAT MYSELF. 

After work I went to get a deep tissue massage and boy did I need one. I feel like my neck is free and pounds of stress and tension are gone. I then went home to make tacos because it's Tuesday and taco Tuesday...duh! I may or may not have had a margarita as well :) 

I then lit both the candles pictured above and poured that soak into a hot tub of water and fell asleep, I emerged relaxed and with the softest skin. I'm currently lounging in a robe and fuzzy socks as I write this blog post. I also had the chance to brew some of this relax and chill. 

I never used to give herbal tea a second thought until I tried meditative mind, since then I've been hooked.

Relax & Chill is made up of pink rose petals, cornflowers, lavender, lemon balm and chamomile. It has a very sweet scent. The lavender really comes through as do wonderful lemony hints.

When I took my first sip the "herbal" taste was definitely there. It's mostly the taste of chamomile but because so many herbal teas have chamomile I associate the taste with "herbal." It's a very light and refreshing taste.

While drinking, the word green kept popping into my head. You're probably thinking well, duh, herbs are often green. When I say green, think power smoothie or veggies. That type of earthy green taste came through in this tea and I loved it. That being said, I could eat only green all day long so if you're not a green person, this may not be the best for you. 

My takeaways: 

-Take more baths, you'll feel like a queen

-Herbal teas are the bomb

You can find all the products in the first photo (minus my cool brewery matches) at the Goodnight Darling Co. Shop!