Sugar Plum Fairy


Aren't packages the best?! I came home to a surprise from my best friend Ashley. We met in college and clicked, besties for life! I opened up the package and was thrilled with the contents! A Tea Shirt. Oh my gosh, I've always wanted one of these because Tea and also, puns :) 

Ashley told me about a small tea shop in Salem called Jolie Tea Company. She sent me two types of tea, what a sweetheart! I tried the sugar plum fairy!

Ingredients: Chinese Black tea, blackberry pieces, organic ginger root, blackberry essence and blackcurrant essence

I've been trying teas from smaller tea companies and I love how creative the blends are! 

This is another example of a fruity aroma paired with a black tea. This type of tea is certainly growing on me. I do love the stronger smelling tea but because of my love for berries, I enjoy blackberry fragrance that emanates from this blend.

After tasting this tea, I was stumped. Such a berry scent but such a bold flavor. The flavor is very similar to my routine earl grey and ceylon blend tea. The ginger flavor really comes through when the tea is brewed. 

The most surprising thing about this tea is that it is so refreshing even as a black tea. After several sips, the after taste is sweet. I really enjoyed this tea and am exciting to have it again!