Lychee Peach Black Tea

Peach Heaven.

Tasting part two of the Thao Tea Co samples I received! My only experience with lychee is in martinis, but they were delicious!   

The Lychee Peach includes black tea and safflowers. 

This tea smells so fruity! The peaches remind me of summertime. 

After tasting this tea I really enjoyed it. It had the boldness of black tea which is the taste I enjoy but I still got the sweet fruity fragrance.


The strong aroma of peaches made me feel like I was drinking this tea in a field of peaches! I normally don't like fruity teas but because of the black tea taste, I enjoyed this. I always try tea without any sweetening but when I added honey, the taste turned out like I was having peach honey! 

I have been so impressed with the Thao tea blends, I can't wait to try ripe papaya!

If you missed it last time, check out my interview with Thao the founder.