Meditative Mind

Aroma Heaven. 

I had the pleasure of trying another tea from The Tea Spot called Meditative Mind. I figured that this would be like chamomile tea but boy was I wrong! 

Ingredients: White Tea, Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, Rosebuds and Petals

Let me start out by saying that this is one of the most beautifully smelling teas I've ever experienced. I know it sounds strange to use the word beautiful fora fragrance but as soon as this tea was brewed it emitted an aroma that immediately made me imagine a beautiful scene- a garden full of blooming flowers. 

My boyfriend and I must have passed around the glass 10 times, each taking our turn smelling this tea because it was that good. It doesn't note it in the ingredients but to me, the fragrance is so sweet like that of a honey suckle. 


Although the fragrance was the most memorable part for me, it had a great taste as well! Just as you would expect from a green & white tea mixture the taste was very rich and full bodied. Earthy is a word that kept popping into my mind. This is where I knew that whoever created this blend did an amazing job. The smell and taste pair so well. Your nose thinks flowers and your tongue things earthy. Flowers grow in the earth so it's an incredible couple to your senses! 

I would suggest you get a large slice of rich cake to accompany this delicious tea! I have a simple cake recipe here if you want to try it!

Head over to The Tea Spot and check out Meditative Mind !