American Tea Room's Peppermint Choco Latte

Caffeine Free.

You've heard me rave about American Tea Room before. It's been blistery cold this week and I decided to have some extra tea. When I ordered the caramel tea they included a free sample of the Peppermint Choco Latte. At first I read "caffeine free" and thought pfffff not worth my time. I started this blog to be adventurous so I stepped out of my comfort zone. 


With a Rooibos base, the leaves are beautiful. 

With a Rooibos base, the leaves are beautiful. 

Smell: Even while the tea was in the pot brewing, my kitchen was filled with a distinct chocolate aroma.

Taste: It wasn't until I pressed the tea to my lips that the peppermint introduced itself. I didn't sweeten this tea so I was able to really taste the flavor. It had a robust, chocolate taste. The peppermint was there at first sip but was immediately conquered by the chocolate.  

This was not my favorite tea, not because it didn't taste good but because it's not the taste combination I favor. When it comes to sweets, I love peppermint everything! I have never loved peppermint in regards to tea. I like my tea bold. Maybe one day I'll fall in love with a peppermint type tea, until then I'll stick to black.

How do you feel about peppermint tea?!


Have you ever heard of Matcha? I've seen it everywhere and a company has offered to send me  a sample to try... I am so excited! Stay tuned :)