Full Ceylon Tea.

Ceylon only. 

The tea that I drink on a daily basis is a melange of earl grey and ceylon leaves. For Norouz, my mother gave me a HUGE bag of my favorite tea. Before my mom gave me the tea, I had gone to the Iranian super market and decided to try a different black tea! I came across a pure ceylon and was curious what the difference was and what the earl grey adds to it.  

Did you know that Sri Lanka where this tea comes from used to be called Ceylon?? The name stayed the same. 

Aren't these leaves so pretty?!

Smell: The earl grey and ceylon mix is very fragrant. The ceylon only tea still has a wonderful smell but it's not as potent. The earl grey must add that extra kick!

Color: Perhaps I made a stronger brew than usual but I believe that this tea was darker than usual! 

Taste: Although I missed the fragrance as I drank, this ceylon only tea was delicious. The taste was just as bold and full bodied. 

Overall Review: THUMBS UP CEYLON!