Tea & Food Pairings

Grand Tea. 

I'm always finding new tea companies on Instagram, which is why I love it! I stumbled across Grand Tea. I really enjoy how this site helps other tea sellers get noticed through the directory. Not only is this a tea company but the owner does contests, which brings me to this post. 

There is a photo contest centered around favorite tea and food pairings. This inspired me to think about what I like with my tea. First off, do sweets count as food?? When it comes down to it my favorite pairing is something that can be dunked. I can dunk biscuits, cookies, scones and so much more! I especially like these cookies made from almond. They are called Ba-do-mee.  

My grandfather used to say that sweets were a necessity after dinner to help settle your stomach. This has been a tradition in my family 

When I got home from work the sun was still shining and I leaped at the opportunity to have a little photo shoot :) 

Please share with me your favorite tea pairing!