Let's talk about stress baby

Calm the heck down!

I think we've all had that moment where we finally gain self awareness and notice that our brows are furrowed, fists are clenched, jaw is locked and are SO irritated. Well guess what ....this is why tea is the love of my life.


Yea! Peace! Calm! 

Seriously though I know it's hard not to get tense but making yourself aware of what you do when you're tense can help you stop it. Whether it's stress from work, a relationship, family, friends, projects or a combinations ...we all experience it and some of us don't deal with it so well. 

First, you need to recognize what your stress factors are and your physical reactions to them. For example, I started noticing that when I get irritated then stressed I would clench my jaw and this was making my mouth sore and causing headaches. 

Second, become aware of your body's postures and reactions to emotions. For example, when I feel my jaw getting tight I take a deep breath and relax it. After doing this for several weeks I noticed that I don't do it as often!

Third, take a deep breath. This may seem obvious but try it. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth and also try breathing in and out through your nose only. Both of these techniques give you a a feeling of release but you may prefer one over the other. 

FINALLY, drink some damn tea. I know all my favorites have caffeine but this magical liquid calms me down and increases my optimism...at least until I finish the cup :)