Shop Local: Especially Local Honey

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As a hopeful small business owner it's no wonder I'm encouraging shopping small and local. Can you go to a department store and get yourself a journal? Sure! But why not get a hand crafted, unique one that I made in my own home?! (Esty opening soon!)

This discussion is mostly going to be centered around honey though. It's no surprise that drinking your tea plain without any sweeteners or additions will preserve it's natural herbal benefits more effectively. Additions to your tea can alter the state of the beverage and render it not as effective, especially if you are drinking tea for health purposes. 

I love honey, I drink it in my tea everyday. I grew up drinking tea with sugar cubes but slowly started drifting away as I got older. Honey is a natural sweetener so it's a bit of a better choice than sugar. Honey can add many healthy properties to the tea. For example, it has antibacterial properties. 

During spring time, honey can be a life saver. I'm sure those of you with allergies know that consuming local honey can be beneficial in curving some of your symptoms. I went out yesterday in search of local honey to support a small bee farmer and also to make sure allergies stay away. I stumbled upon Bee George Honey, made in my own town of Takoma Park! I didn't even know they existed! 

Check out the local honey options in your area. These honeys will most likely be all natural with nothing artificial added, in their purest state and able to benefit you the most. Add some honey to your tea to help with allergies, have antibacterial properties and to make it taste DELICIOUS! 

**100% honey, 0% nothing else**

**100% honey, 0% nothing else**