WINKPENS: Write your thoughts in tea, literally

As I sit here drinking tea out of my beautiful Tea Thoughts glass created by my amazing friend Bridgett , I'm reviewing these extraordinary images of my logo from the lovely Jessica Chan. I'm always surprised by how many talented people I encounter!

What makes Jessica's images so cool? She drew them with tea. That's write she drew them with actual brewed tea! Ok, so you're probably wondering if Jessica is a magician or something. No, she's the creator of WINKPENS

WINKPENS are no ordinary pens, they have a glass nib that can be filled with any liquid! This is a more modern and sustainable product. I found Jessica's product while searching tea things online and she agreed to be interviewed! Check out what I found out about WINKPENS!

Q: Are you a tea lover? If so what is your favorite kind?

A: I do drink tea occasionally and when I do, I love it! Chai teas are my favorite:)  

Q: Do different types of teas produce a different result on paper?

A: Yes! This varies a lot actually and is dependent on what type of tea you're using and how concentrated/intense the color is. Herbal teas will give you more color whereas black teas will give you more neutral browns. The tea to water ratio will also make a huge difference in how vivid the color comes out to be. For example using two tea bags in only half a cup of water will be much deeper in color then if you used one bag per one cup of water. 

Q: Do you have a favorite substance to write with?

A: I don't know that I have a favorite. It is dependent on what end result I am going for. Wine dries to be a deep purple, beet juice is naturally a bright red, soy sauce a golden brown, berry teas are beautiful as ink too and stain wonderfully! 

Q: What is your vision for WINKPENS?

A: My vision with WINKPENS is to be an innovation leg in writing instruments -- by continuously creating "low-tech" products that elegantly marry history, modern aesthetics and environmental awareness with traditional function. I see WINKPENS being the special occasion pen, a perfect unique gift item,  in the hands of both pen enthusiasts and also many creatives! There is a lot of opportunity for product expansion as well as collaborations with other companies and individuals (example stationary, wineries, artists)  both domestically and internationally :) 

Q: what has been the biggest challenge for you?

A: The biggest hurdles thus far have definitely been with manufacturing, as well as keeping up with costs. With so many material breaks, custom pieces, all the tooling needed to also having hand-made glass nibs. Let's just say the process will definitely be one I won't ever forget ! But, the journey and lessons learned have been invaluable. Each time we surpass the next unforeseen hurdle, the product has only evolved for the better. I promised myself I wouldn't launch the product until it was at the quality I had envisioned from the beginning.

Q: what is your favorite media to market the pen on? 

A: Due to what finances will allow and the number of people connected to social media today, social media is definitely the most consistent source of marketing and engagement we do. WINKPENS is on facebook, instagram and twitter :) 

Q:  what is your favorite blog?

A: I can't say I have a favorite blog. I tend to seek out blogs that fulfill my current interest, example. If I am looking for thoughts on tea, you may just find me on this one !! ;)

Q: What is your favorite thing about the tea thoughts blog?

 A:I love how modern and clean all the content is presented. The layout is beautiful, photos, and how everything is organized. Short and sweet writings with perfectly highlighted thoughts! 

Not only did Jessica share some great information and sweet words about my blog but she also took the time to draw me these beautiful images with some black cherry tea.. woah. Creator, designer, boss lady and CRAZY talented! 

If you're a calligraphers wanting to branch out and make your products even more unique or just someone shopping for a cool gift, check out WINKPENS! 

Huge thank you to Jessica Chan for speaking with me about her product and recreating my logo with tea!