A classic Persian breakfast

Noon o panir o gerdoo.

This right here is heaven, a typical Persian breakfast. I often ate this before school, hmm maybe that's why I was a chubby kid. This is also a great snack. It's very hearty when you put walnuts on it. I usually like to roll it up like wrap and eat it. 

I'll tell you a secret. When I was a kid I was very shekamoo and used to sneak downstairs at night and eat this cheese. Plain. Hmm now I know that's why I was a chubby kid :) 

I try my best to not eat this every morning but my sweet mom recently got me some and I couldn't resist. By the way...this is no where near as good when it's not paired with sweetened tea! 

Bread: Taftoon. Many people confuse this for pita, no offense pita but you don't hold a candle to taftoon. There are many breads in Iran that are made in a really cool way. Here's a video of how Taftoon is made!  Apparently you can also buy Taftoon online!

Cheese: Sheep's milk cheese. Many people confuse this for feta but it's softer and richer. I much prefer this to feta, I think sometimes feta can be a bit dry. The one thing that you may not like about this cheese, depending on your taste it that it definitely is saltier than feta. You can buy Valbreso French Sheep's Milk Cheese online, this is the brand I've always enjoyed :)