Chocolate Mint Tea.

Ice cream anyone? 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite flavor. I'm not talking about any mint chocolate chip ice cream. I'm talking about the green colored ice cream and shaved chocolate. Taking a whiff of this tea made me dream up that flavor. My mouth even watered a little bit. 

The intense smell of chocolate penetrates the air as you're brewing the tea.

I let this tea brew while I was eating dinner and when I poured it I was somewhat surprised by how light the color was considering how long it brewed. I didn't sweeten this tea at all. It's definitely not sweet but I think you'd lose the mint chocolate taste if you added sugar or honey.

The taste of this tea is exactly how it smells! There is a minty flavor that stays on your tongue after you've finished the sip. 

This is from Capital Teas here in the district but you can buy online! I wouldn't call this my favorite tea but it was delicious. "Dessert without the calories" they say on the site! 

This tea is a combination of black tea and peppermint leaves!