Chocolate Tea

Chocolate & Tea, two of my favorite things.

My sister recently took a trip to Guatemala and brought me back a specialty tea from the country, CHOCOLATE tea! As soon as I opened the package an aroma of sweet milk chocolate filled my nostrils. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and this kind of smell gets me into the holiday spirit. 

Look how beautiful it is. 

I put these pieces right in my teapot and brewed it like regular tea. I let it brew a little longer because the leaves are a bit thicker than normal tea leaves. 

I think I made my first batch a little light because I was expecting a more chocolate rich color once I poured my glass. The color was more or less like tea and smelled almost exactly like hot chocolate!

The taste was definitely not an obvious chocolate taste but had a rich, earthy taste that most teas don't have. I didn't sweeten it because it had a bold flavor but I could imagine a bit of honey in here would be divine!

Fear not, if you are intrigued and want to try it you don't have to travel to Guatemala! I found the chocolate tea online! 

Enjoy my tea lovers!