Baby it's cold outside.

Countdown to my favorite holiday.

Don't get me wrong, thanksgiving is a wonderful time. Who doesn't love cooking all day then gorging all  night? But now that it has passed I can unashamedly countdown to Christmas. I love Christmas because it's a time to give those who you love and those who are in need some cheer. I am a believer of doing this all year round but it's just a bit more special around this time of year. I spent the weekend buying some decorations for my apartment and of course brewing a warm glass of tea. 

In the next few weeks I have some different teas that I don't usually drink. These teas are what I would describe as "Christmasy." Winter is cold, but nothing a hot glass of tea can't fix so tune in with your tea.

I will also be pairing my tea with some family favorite desserts!

For all my fellow Christmas lovers, here is my favorite countdown clock

Stay warm and have a glass of tea!