Persian Kachi !

Persian Sweets.

Growing up in a Persian family exposes you to some interesting cuisine and sweets. I personally love it all but some things, especially sweets can have an acquired taste. One ingredient used often in dessert is rose water. From my experience, many of my friends who had zero exposure to this Persian baking essential were not used to its strong flavor and fragrance. 

Kachi, or sometimes called halva is one simple sweet that usually carries a strong smell of rose water which I personally love! Below is some kachi my mom made for my sister and I. It is so sweet that honey or sugar is not even necessary in your tea. The kachi pairs perfectly with a warm tea on a blistery cold day! Something about the saffron and cardamom blends perfectly with the flavor of the black tea. 

I can't take credit for this sweet because my wonderful mother made it but here is the Kachi recipe she used. Some of the ingredients you may not have lying around but it is simple to make and delicious to pair with your tea!