Almond & Walnut Cookies

As some of you may have guessed my obsession with tea comes from a heritage that loves tea, I'm Persian! Tea is something that I grew up enjoying and the ways in which I enjoy it are how I was taught, everything from brewing to serving the tea. Over the years I observed that one important part of tea is the pairing. 

Many people drink it with sugar or honey but often it is enjoyed with sweets, hence the sweets part of the blog. Sometimes the sweets aren't necessarily traditional desserts but things like green raisins. Tonight however I went the sweet route with almond & walnut cookies. These cookies, especially when fresh from the bakery are so moist and tender. They are the perfect partner for your tea. Each one truly tastes of it's respective nut. In Farsi they are called ger-doo-ee and bah-doo-mee literally meaning of walnuts or of almonds. 

White ones are almond and the brown ones are walnutΒ 

White ones are almond and the brown ones are walnut 

Tea is always a jolly time when there are sweets involved! Oh yea, only 18 more days until Christmas!