Turvani Tasting Part II: Earl Grey


It's been a nasty week weather wise and today was no exception. The only benefit to this weather is that it's perfect for tea!

Couldn't think of a better way to enjoy a cuppa but with Part II of my Turvani sampler: Earl Grey

Before I read the card for this tea I smelled it...as I do with all teas because honestly that's my favorite part! It had the strangest smell. I had never experienced an earl grey with this aroma. My first thought was LEMONS! Then after several minutes more of smelling I decided that it is somewhat lemony but more so a general citrus smell. I finally looked at the card and saw that it's infused with bergamot oil...DUH. That's really cool though because I've encountered all sorts of fruity tea but not quite like this!

The smell on the dry leaves was quite strong. Not off putting but it made me hesitant about how it would taste. 

After brewing the tea, it kept the citrus aroma but in a more mellow way. This was the ideal scent, very welcoming. 

If you're a fan of fruity tea or lemon tea this is for you! It has a citrus taste but not a sour taste. With honey it kind of reminded me of the concoction I make when I have a sore throat. I think that the citrus taste wasn't too overpowering but it's definitely present.

Citrus and fruit tasting teas are not number one on my list but I definitely enjoyed this!

What kind of earl grey infusions have you had?