Chai Chai baby!


Really excited to try this tea from my home, Maryland! Woot Woot Baltimore! 

Thank you Instagram for helping me find yet another awesome company! I was delighted to find Wight Tea Co and their hand blended teas! 

You can never try enough Chai teas because I feel like everyone puts their own spin on it. I was really excited to try this tea!

I opened up the package and oh my gosh how beautiful! Full pods of cardamom! 

This tea smells AMAZING and Ill tell you why...

Assam, ceylon, cardamom, cinnamon chips, cloves, orange peel, lemongrass, ginger root, ginger essential oil and black peppercorns !

I really love this mixture of spices because not only is the fragrance wonderful but it has a great spicy taste. The fact that all the spices are whole make it so much better. I've had many chai teas that crush up all the ingredients and the flavors just don't come through as well! 

This was perfect with a spoonful of honey. I can't wait to try more of Wight Tea Co's teas so stay tuned! 

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Have you had a chai tea that really rocked your socks?? Let me know about it!