Cardamom spiced Flourless cake.

Winter storm Jonas 2016 baking. 

The east coast was hit by a blizzard this weekend and in Takoma Park we got a bit over 2 feet!

My boyfriend and I bravely went outside in an attempt to dig out our cars (which were completely buried) while it was still snowing. We gave up and I came in and started searching for a recipe!

I went back through Bake and found a flourless cake recipe which was perfect because I didn't have a lot of flour. 

Here's the recipe!

Basically, you melt the butter and chocolate together in a double boiler first. If you don't have a double boiler you can easily make one. I used a pot of hot water and placed a sauce pan on top, worked perfectly. 

In a separate bowl you mix all the other ingredients together. Once the melted chocolate and butter has cooled for 10 minutes you mix them together. 

If you don't have parchment paper I buttered a cake pan (or you can use spray) and the cake came out nicely. 

This recipe says to bake for and hour and 10 minutes at 325 but I would check it before hand. I think mine was cooked through at about 40 minutes!

My cake came out a little broken but it was still delicious! I think what happened is that the pan I was using was a bit too small. My boyfriend, sister, brother in law and I ate this with whipped topping. The cake is very rich so don't forget to pour yourself a glass of tea !

NOTE: I ground the cardamom by hand and the smells brought back memories of my childhood. It was so wonderful. We used to eat this hard candy Ahb-Nabat and it had cardamom seeds in it. So cool how this smell reminded me of that memory. 

Freshly ground cardamom.

Freshly ground cardamom.

Cardamom candy!

Cardamom candy!