Sage White Rose Tea

White Tea.

As far as I an remember I've never tried white tea before. This is another tea from my friends at Wight Tea Co. I'm really glad I found them. Not only is it great to support a Maryland business but I really love what they do with their teas. I had the chance to ask Brittany Wight, the founder a few questions about the company!

Sitting Down With Brittany. 

1) What sparked the idea to start Wight Tea Co? 

My brother and I have loved tea for many years. Eventually, our enjoyment of tea turned to passion. We studied tea, shared everything we learned with each other and started coming up with our own blends using what we had around. We noticed that for tea being one of the most consumed beverages in the world, it was a very overlooked detail everywhere we went. We decided that we wanted to be the ones who would change that.

2) Your blends are so unique, I honestly haven't seen many like them. What is the creative process for deciding what goes in each blend? 

Most of our creative process comes from our love of good food and drink in general, knowing what flavors pair well together. We pay attention to food trends for our own enjoyment and use it as we create. Sage Rose White Tea is my favorite of our blends, I think it's initially an unexpected combination of floral and savory that works really well together.

3) What tea would you suggest to a "new" tea drinker? 

I would recommend our Evening Tisane to a new tea drinker because it's impossible to get wrong. Herbal blends can steep for a long time without getting bitter. 

4) What is your favorite tea?! 

Out of our teas, my favorite is the Sage Rose. That was the first blend I came up with and it really touches on flavors I enjoy the most. Overall, though, my favorite tea is a plain jade oolong, which is far from being "plain". On average I drink 3 cups of it a day.  As we grow our tea blends, we do plan on incorporating oolongs.

5)What do you envision for Wight Tea Co?

We have lots of vision for Wight Tea Co. Currently, we are looking into participating in local farmers markets and figuring out how to sell to local shops. We want to be in local restaurants and cafes. Keep an eye out for pre-made bottled tea as well. 

6)If you could go anywhere in the world to have a glass of tea where would it be?

Tough question!!!! As much as I would LOVE the opportunity to travel to China or India to see the tea gardens, isn't one of the integral parts to enjoying a good cup of tea a space in which you are happy, with people that make you happy? I'm happiest sipping tea with my brother at our parent's dining room table. Is that too cheesy? That's where I would pick.

7)What is your favorite tea pun?

Oh boy... "Make Tea Not War." I guess that's not so much a pun as a parody on "Make Love Not War." Shout out to Monty Python for that one, by the way.

This tea blends together herbal and floral flavors and creates an expected taste!

Smell: The interesting aspect of this tea is that I felt that different aromas were present when it was dry versus brewed. The dry blend has a very flowery scent, the rose and the sage are very present. Once I brewed it however, the lemongrass took control! One of my favorite things to do is to smell the tea before and after brewing, it's kind of a a sense preparation so I appreciated the subtle difference here. 

Taste: I'll come right out and say it, I'm not usually a fan or herbal or flowery teas. The taste of many of these blends reminds of me perfume. This mixture however changed my opinion of it. Despite the different aromas of the tea, the flowery taste was more subtle than dominant. The taste was more similar to the bold flavor black tea has and was followed by a bite of flower at the end. 

I'm definitely excited to have another glass of this soon!

The Sage Rose White can be purchased directly from Wight Tea Co's website! Head on over there and get to sippin'!

You can also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter :) 

Have you ever had a memorable white tea? Share it with me!