Coconut Taste Test from The Tea Spot


As I mentioned in my previous post, I won a giveaway from The Tea Spot. Mary, who I spoke with from the company was gracious enough to send me a few extra samples of tea. I was so surprised to get TWO different coconut teas! I'm still on a long path of discovering new teas and of course have never had coconut tea. 


The Teas: 

  • Coconut Crush Chai: Rooibos, ginger root, cinnamon, shredded coconut 


  1. Smell: Although this tea has shredded coconut, the cinnamon overpowers it. As a chai tea I definitely get the "spicy" type smell.
  2. Taste: Even with a Rooibos base, this tea is dominated by the cocount even though it wasn't in smell. The ginger and cinnamon give you an aftertaste of spice to remind you that this is a chai.  
  • Coconut Cabana: Oolong, Shaved Coconut, natural coconut flavoring 


  1. Smell: With less ingredients, this tea truly smells like coconut. When I opened the bag it hit me right on the nose! Once brewed however, the coconut aroma dissipates and only that familiar smell of oolong remains. 
  2. Taste: Much like the smell the coconut flavor is not prominent in the tea but it is there. The coconut is like an after flavor, after a few sips I could still feel it on my tongue. I've had other oolongs before and I wasn't a huge fan. The coconut brings something exciting to the oolong and I really liked it!

Have you ever tried coconut tea? If so did you like it? Share with me in the comments!