Tea Gift Idea: Roobois and lavender tea soak

Tub Tea.

Tea in the tub? You might be thinking I've gone crazy but I haven't! I was working with the Sereni-Tea Now blend from For Tea's Sake.

I noticed that several ingredients have some amazing health benefits! 

  • Rooibos: The anti inflammatory properties have been thought to help with allergies and eczema as well as acne! 
  • Lavender: Detoxifying skin
  • Nettle: This leaf also has excellent anti inflammatory properties.

**I'm not a skin expert, just an expert at googling** 

It's a gorgeous blend!

It's a gorgeous blend!

I had the idea to make a mixture with this tea to help you relax in the tub and maybe help your skin at the same time! 

What you'll need: 

  • Epsom Salt
  • Sereni-Tea Now tea blend
  • Tea Bags (it's better if you can seal them)

I mixed the tea with a very common bath ingredient, Epsom salt! Epsom salt is known for many health benefits but probably my favorite is stress reduction :) I think the two like to be blended together, it turned out beautifully! 


I would advise to mix the same amount of the blend and the Epsom salt which is what I did. Once mixed, it looks like a good balance. If you prefer one over the other feel free to change it up. I like having an even mix because this tea blend is super packed with goodies. 

Next, you need to put this wonderful mixture in something that will allow the tea to "brew" but not make a mess in the tub. It's really easy to find tea sachets but I especially love these ones I got from For Tea's Sake because of the convenient draw string at the top of the bag! 

I put two tablespoons into each tea bag. Make sure to tighten the top of the bag and tie it up. I dropped a couple of these bags in my bath and it was wonderful. Don't expect your bath to brew to the color like your tea does but you can expect super soft skin when you're done! Just like when i drink tea I felt very calm during this bath. 

Here's why I love this idea. Now I can relax with tea by sipping on it and bathing in it ! These are super easy to make and only require 3 items. This can be a great gift for the person in your life who loves to take baths! The holidays are coming up and this is an easy DIY gift. 

Tea in cosmetics is becoming more popular and I decided to jump on the bandwagon :) Stay tuned for more beauTEA recipes !

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**NOTE: Everyone reacts to substances differently so really consider how your skin fairs when exposed to different ingredients before giving this a try**