Winter Is here: Licorice Essence


We had our first snow today! I've always loved snow. I have such fond memories of bundling up, sledding until my fingers and toes got numb then rushing home for hot cocoa. To me, snow is the true sign of winter. Cold weather isn't enough, when it snows I know winter is here! 

I sat down to try another blend from Tea Laboratory. This blend is called Licorice Essence. 

Ingredients: White Monkey Paw, Fennel, Anise Stars & Licorice Root

This tea reminded me about one of the reasons I love my blog. I get the opportunity to try so many teas and most all of them are beautiful in their own way.  I love how "chunky" this tea is, it shows it's character through all the different shapes and colors of the ingredients. 

Some teas have different scents dominate when they're dry vs brewed, this is one of those teas. When dry this blend has a distinct licorice aroma, the fennel seeds are also detectable. 

When brewed, the white monkey paw steals the show for sure. When brewed, there is a much heartier aroma that is often accompanied by green teas. 


At first sip I had a WOAH moment. I guess I associate licorice with candy or something sweet in general. I forgot that this tea has licorice root so I was shocked when my first sip was that of a green tea. DUH! The white monkey paw gives this tea a very green and earthy taste. Although the tea tasted earthy to me it also had a light element to it. 

It's strange to say that it's light but also bitter. Or perhaps that the non tea expert in me describing incorrectly :) To me, licorice is a bit bitter and that comes through when sipping on this tea. It's not weighed down and bold like black tea usually it. After a few sips a hint of sweet revealed itself too!

After examining the ingredients I guessed that the tea might have a bit of bite or spice to it but it didn't really. The ingredients blend together well to make a solid green tea with hints of different flavors. Another word that came to mind while enjoying this tea was warm. Not warm as in temperature but warm like welcoming and a perfect blend for the winter time!

What is your favorite winter tea?