Green Tea Kale

Kale Tea.

Every time I cook or bake something I like to see if there is a way to incorporate one of the many teas in my cabinet! Basically anytime there is a recipe that has milk, water or butter, there is a simple way to incorporate the tea! 

I got this Kenya Green Kapchorua tea in my Tea Tim Box. When I first sampled the taste I knew it would be great for cooking. It's low in caffeine and high in Antioxidants! 

I started eating kale in college after I watched a TED Talk about how kale is great food for your mitochondria. Because the mitochondria are the power houses of the cells, it's important that they get something nutritious so that they work well. Kale was difficult to get used to at first but overtime I found out that it really soaks up the flavor of whatever you cook it in. 

I usually add a broth of some sort to the kale to help it cook through and soften. I decided that instead of adding broth, I would add brewed tea and it would have the same effect. It was a huge success! 

Not only is this a fun way to consume tea but its also an easy way to enjoy both the health benefits of tea and kale at the same time!

Just like broth, the tea gave the kale a flavor boost and made it much easier to stomach. Kale gets a bad reputation because of its texture but when prepared well, I think it's very similar to spinach, which I love!

Trader Joe's sells kale already chopped and it's really easy to separate the leaves from the thick stems. I've never really been able to enjoy the stems so I stick with the leaves! 

The combination of sauteed garlic and tea bring out this powerfully savory flavor in the kale. I added mushrooms to my dish because I love them with kale but feel free to add your favorite pairing. I would choose something that can cook fairly quickly.