Climber's High

Light & Sweet.

I've been kind of intimidated by this tea for a while because of the yerba mate in the ingredients list! I've read so much about the health benefits with all the vitamins and minerals as well as the flavor. I wanted to bake something with this tea but for my first time I decided to try it in it's natural, brewed state. 

Ingredients: roasted yerba mate, black tea, green tea, white tea, pu'erh, ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice root, eleuthero ginseng root, saffron, black pepper, clove, fennel, safflowers, peppermint, tulsi, vanilla flavoring.

The combination of ingredients really makes this tea beautiful. Mostly dark colors are highlighted by whites, reds and blues. 


When I opened my pack of tea I had a rush of cinnamon fill the air, there were definitely notes of other spices but cinnamon was most dominant for me. 

Once brewed, it had a very similar smell. This blend is definitely spicy, you discover the ginger and cardamom especially the more you take in this tea. Even though there is none in the blend, I was reminded of rooibos due to the smell of spices. The one ingredient I would have never expected was saffron! I'm so disappointed in myself because saffron is one of my favorite cooking tools!

After my first sip I was a bit shocked! Based on the aroma I figured that it would be heavy but boy was I wrong! This blend has a very light taste and its slightly sweet! The vanilla definitely contributes to lifting this tea up and making it sweet.

I understand the "high" in this blend, it's very refreshing and gives you a bit of a boost and gives you a shot of awake. The more I drank this the more I felt like it was Christmas in a cup. All the spices remind me of a hot cup in front of the tree, it certainly kicked my Christmas cheer into gear!

I love sweet tea so my favorite part of this blend is the sweet flavor! No honey needed!  

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