Bao Zhong- First Taste Test

Hint of Sweet. 

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to try some unique teas that I've never experienced! I think that many companies in the US, in an attempt to make tea more popular here are creating fun and seasonal blends. To keep up with coffee blends like pumpkin spice, many tea companies are taking classics bases like black and green teas and mimicking these types of blends. 

I've noticed that international companies do this as well but there are also many who stick to tea in the more traditional sense. I'm excited to taste teas that I've never heard of or tasted! 


On today's agenda is Bao Zhong from Grand Tea. One major shock factor for me was the aroma....or lack there of. Perhaps my nose wasn't as sharp today but when I opened up the packet I didn't take anything in any strong scents. It's interesting because I'm used to teas with very strong aromas. For example, one of my favorite parts of ceylon tea is the way it smells dry and brewed. At, first I thought that the lack of strong aroma would bother me but it ended up benefiting me in the end!


The leaves for this tea are much fuller and as a result the tea is so beautiful. Large, dry, curly pieces makes up this tea. Once the tea was brewed a very distinct hint of sweet was present! 

Upon first sip I was kinda shocked but not turned off. Although the color of the brew is light and there's a hint of a sweet aroma, the taste, to me was drastically different. I never claim to be an expert on tea but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts!

The taste was so rich and green. I say green because all these vegetables popped into my head. It was earthy, much like a meal. Many blends include sweet ingredients that make them more of a dessert tea but this Bao Zhong is savory! The light scent really helped me be unbiased on what to expect from the tea. 

After much thought about what this tea tastes like I came up with it- artichoke. You heard me right! I'm not sure why but that's what it reminded me of! It's kinda strange but I kind loved it. I decided to do an experiment with rock sugar. Since this tea is so savory I wanted to test what it would taste like when combined with rock sugar. The answer- not good. This is a tea that is not meant to be sweetened. This is a strong tea that can stand on it's own. 

Although the taste was a bit strange to me at first, I very much enjoyed trying it and would definitely have this tea again! Ill refer to it as my artichoke tea :) 

Have you ever had a savory tea that reminded you of a meal?