8 Things I like to do when I drink Tea

Hi there! I'm still working on a fun surprise to launch my newsletter so I wanted to make a fun post. I like fun, do you like fun? Here's a fun list with pretty pictures of what I'm usually doing when I drink my tea. 

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1. Nature. 

Not much beats tea out on my balcony and enjoying the sights. Green trees, bare trees, snow or rain I love standing out on my balcony. Here I can soak up all the sounds that are usually blocked out by honking horns, blaring music, people yelling and other city sounds. 

2. Poetry.

If you've read my blog before or follow me on Instagram, you probably know that Rumi is one of my favorite poets. I have several books of his poems but this pocket sized one is my favorite! I feel like when I'm drinking tea and reading inspiring words, I come up with the best ideas :) 


I got this super cool agenda from Ban.do and it's helpful for me to write things down. Although I'm not a movie star, to do lists pile up. I try to pretend I can keep it all straight in my head but I always end up forgetting something. I love to sit down with my tea and write down everything I need and hope to accomplish in the next few days. I may or may not also spend the majority of that time putting stickers on various pages in the planner :)

P.s. I'm really more of a dog person, but I like cats too ;) 

4. Crochet.

I'm no expert but I do know the basics of crochet and it's a great activity to pair with tea. I'm a bit obsessed with making hearts. I learned how to make hearts to use as bookmarks for my journals but now I love doing them for decoration! Three triple crochet, sip, 3 double crochet, sip...you get the picture!

5. Nothing.

Sometimes I like to do nothing but hold that warm cup of goodness in my hands, take in the aroma and sip slowly. Especially when I've had a stressful day, I like to be alone with my thoughts and my tea. 

6. Doodle. 

Tea is a great time for silence and reflection which can bring up great ideas or the desire to doodle! I usually keep a drawing pad close in case I feel inspired to jot things down or actually draw out a design! Pictured is the start of a harry potter themed piece I'm working on!

7. Paint. 

This goes hand in hand with doodling although for mr, there is more intention behind painting. I usually have a project in mind or an order that I'm completing. One minor hiccup with the pairing of these two activities is making sure you can keep your tea and your paint cup separate. I have ruined many teas with a paintbrush and I have tried to drink my paint water too many times. Don't be fooled, two different cups wont help when you're in the zone!

8. Dream about whatever season it's not. 

I think most of you can relate to wanting what we can't have. In the fall, I can't wait for snow and Christmas. In the winter, I can't wait for spring and sun dresses. In spring, I can't wait for hot weather, tans and beaches. In Summer, I can't wait for football and pumpkins! Currently, wishing the 75 degree weather away so I can break out the sweaters :)  

How does this list stack up to yours?! Comment with what you like to do when you enjoy your tea!