3 Ways to Drink Your Tea and Which One I Like Best

Tea Vessel. 

If you've read my blog before, it's no secret that I love to ask people their favorite "vessel" to enjoy tea in. This may seem like a silly question but tea, at least to me, tastes different in different materials. I'm going to talk about 3 different types of tea drinking, how they affect the experience and which is my favorite. 

1. The Mug 

First of all, isn't this mug adorable?! My best friend Bridgett sent it to me in the mail. Mugs like this are awesome for a number of reasons.

With so many independent sellers out there, there are TONS of designs you can choose from. I can probably find or have a mug made with whatever character or words I want. I have many different interests and easily could own a mug representing each one. Mugs, especially this one are big and can hold lots of liquid. This allows me to pour one cup and enjoy it all at the right temperature. 

The issues I have with mugs like these are practicality. Sure, they're pretty but tea wise, they don't serve my purpose. With a thick mug like the one pictured it's a whole different experience when you take a sip. I feel like the thick walls separate the tea from my taste buds more than I like. I also feel as though the ceramic material (even bone china) can change the taste of the tea.  

2. The Tiny Glass

The tiny and more traditional glass is often beautiful. The one in my hand was given to me as a gift and they came all the way from Turkey! It's hard to see in the picture but there is absolutely gorgeous engravings on this glass which I love about them. They are great to bring out for a party. These also remind me of my childhood because Iranians, like many other cultures traditionally drink tea from smaller glasses like these. 

Another benefit of these glasses is that they are great for tea tasting! I love to brew one or several teas and use these glasses in the process. For my personal tea time, I don't use these as much because it all comes down to size. I don't like drinking such a small amount at once and the size of the glass makes it a little more difficult to enjoy honey in my tea. 

3. The Mid Size Glass

Finally, we've made it to my favorite glass! I'll start off by saying that there are some things I don't like about it but they're mostly cosmetic. Part of me wishes that I can combine the fun designs of the other two into this glass. 

The reason I love glass so much is for the taste. The thin rim allows for you to have a deeper connection to the tea while you drink it. The ability to view your tea helps you determine the brew strength and achieve a better pour. Specific to this glass, I love the size. This glass is the perfect size for how much tea I like to drink. I don't have to keep pouring more glasses and one glass is enough meaning I can enjoy my tea at the perfect temperature and brew strength. 

This glass also gives me room to mix a little honey in my tea for my daily dose of sweet. This is by no means a professional opinion, just my feelings. I would love to hear your thoughts! What do you enjoy your tea in best and why? Comment below or send me an email!