Boulder Blues

Marshmallow Tea. 

Ingredients: Green tea, mallow flowers, cornflowers, strawberry & rhubarb flavoring

Isn't this blend absolutely gorgeous? Another beautiful tea from The Tea Spot

This tea is really fruity and has a distinct scent of marshmallows! That scent is very strong and sweet. 

I decided to do a taste test between honey and rock sugar. I got both the acaia honey and the rock sugar from Teavana.

Apparently rock sugar doesn't change the composition of the tea. I LOVE to sweeten with honey but there is a noticeable difference in the taste after the honey is added. 

This was a different green tea experience. Most green teas I've tried have this very rich and earthy flavor which is a hit or miss with me. Although this too has an earthy flavor, the sweetness from the mallow, strawberry and rhubarb give it a distinct lift so that the taste is lighter.  

On to the taste test. Instead of blending two glasses, each with one of the sweeteners I blended them in my mouth. Let me explain. The way I was taught to drink tea was to put a sugar cube in the mouth and hold it. Each sip of tea would soften the cube and sweeten the tea as you drank it. 

For the honey, I tasted a bit of honey with my finger then drank the tea. There isn't a huge difference but the honey almost mellows the tea out. That is the flavor change I notice most often when I have honey with ceylon tea. 

The rock sugar is a bit tougher than a sugar cube so I crushed it up in my mouth and drank the tea. There was not a noticeable difference to me like there was with the honey. The other aspect of the rock sugar I enjoyed was that it wasn't overly sweet. I used to drink tea with rock candy as a child (which is different I believe) and it was SO sweet. 

I'm not sure I'll switch to rock sugar indefinitely because I'm a creature of habit but I will for sure be mixing it up a bit more! 

If you're a fan of green teas, you MUST try this blend. You can purchase it here

What is your favorite way to sweeten your tea?!