Tea Box Express - The unboxing

Tea Box.

I'm so excited to share my first ever tea subscription box! I know that subscription boxes are all the rave and you can literally find one for practically any product! I personally have a subscription to birchbox, which I LOVE!

Tea Box Express kindly sent me their August box to try! 

First off, I really like how there isn't just tea in the box. I was having a bad day when my box arrived and BOOM! a snickerdoodle cookie was there to save the day. This is also a great combination because tea and sweets are an incredible combination.

These green tea mints had TWO different flavors and are a great snack to keep in your pocket or purse. I've been eating WAY too many of the dragon fruit flavored ones. It's interesting that this box introduced me to brands I had never heard of before. Here's what came in the box:

WOW Baking Company snickerdoodle cookie

Sencha Green tea mints: Dragon fruit & cinnamon 

Chai Diaries blooming tea

Misty Peak Pu'er

I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea, the owner of Tea Box Express! Check out what she had to say about the company and about tea!

1)What gave you the idea for Tea Box Express?

I read that more Americans are getting into tea. I've always liked tea and it seemed like introducing people to new teas while at the same time supporting and promoting tea companies could be a winning combination.

2) How do you pick the different companies that you source from?

I have worked with some amazing companies from all over the country, many of which produce unique, artisan, organic, small batch, or fair trade products. I think it really speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit in this country to see how many people are out there working for themselves, producing goods they are passionate about and doing what they love. When I find a product I like (usually online), I contact the company and we go from there. With tea companies, I specifically look for quality whole leaf teas and a nice presentation.

3) What is the process of choosing the combination of products for each box?

It's like putting a puzzle together every month! I usually start with the tea since that's the focus of the box and pick other items that I think people would enjoy with the tea. The contents should be fun and unique but also have to add up to a good value and physically fit inside the box. I think about the seasonality of the box (like what makes a good fall tea for example) as well as logistical issues like if the a product might melt because the weather is hot.

4) What is your favorite tea? (I know that's a tough question!)

It's really neat that I get to explore new teas right alongside my subscribers. Like many Westerners, I got into black tea first. Black tea is still my favorite and I enjoy it flavored, unflavored, and blended with other ingredients. I'm happy to say I now enjoy green teas (for many years I thought I didn't like green tea but it was because I had only had cheap tea bags). I'm also developing an appreciation for white, oolong, and herbals. 

5) What is your favorite sweet to pair with tea?

I love sweets and think they pair beautifully with tea! I can't imagine I'd turn down any sweet to have with tea but two of my favorites are a basic shortbread and sugar cookies.

6) What is your personal tea ritual?

I'm not sure if it counts as a "ritual," but something I've done for years is always have a pitcher of cold black tea in the fridge (all year round!). I like drinking it with meals and whenever I could use a little refreshment. Since my two small kids make life unpredictable, I also like that I can make it ahead of time. It might be more of a tea habit!

7)If you could sit down and have tea with ANYONE, (past or present) who would it be and why?

Great question. I'm sure I could name dozens but the person who immediately comes to mind is Oprah. I think she's a wonderful role model to women and has done an amazing job creating her own success. I think she'd have some fabulous advice. 

8)What is your favorite tea pun?

I think it's cute when ordinary words are changed to include "tea," such as par-tea, simplici-tea, etc.

You can use the code TEAHAPPY to get 20% off your first box!

Share your favorite subscription boxes with me! Stay tuned for some posts about the tea in the next few days :)