Thao Tea Part III, Ripe Papaya

Fruity Black. 

Do you like black tea? What about papaya? If you said yes to these, you need to head over to Thao Tea Co and snag some ripe papaya. 

I feel so honored to be able to be on this tea journey where I'm experiencing exciting blends and generous people. 

I have come a long way in the past few months and have tried teas that I NEVER thought I would like. All I really needed to do was to give them a try!

I'll be honest, for my blog I try a lot of different teas but on a daily basis I drink my favorite earl grey and ceylon blend tea. 

I never thought I would like fruity teas because I enjoy a strong flavor. I had also never had black fruity teas. 

This ripe papaya has black tea, corn flowers and papaya. This tea smells like someone just split open a fresh papaya and placed it on your nose. 

To someone who doesn't like fruity tea, such as myself, this can be off putting. But just like the lychee peach tea, the flavor was delicious and bold as it's a black tea. I would recommend this to someone like me who thinks that fruit tea is sub par because you get the best of both worlds!