Bedtime Brew: Evening Tisane

Sleepy Time Tea.

A little bit about my tea drinking habits. I started young. I became accustomed to the caffeine of black teas at all times of the day. It could be 10 pm, I'd have a glass of tea and be able to fall asleep right away. Because of this lack of reaction to the caffeine, I don't usually go for chamomile teas. It seems unnecessary. 

The whole purpose of my blog though is to step away from my comfort zone and try all the teas I've strayed away from. Without further ado, I present to you...Evening Tisane from Wight Tea Co!

This blend is made up of chamomile, lavender, spearmint and apple and boy is it pretty!

To me, this blend definitely has a powerful minty smell from the spearmint. I like the smell for several reasons. One, it kind of reminds me of my favorite gum flavor! Two, the smell is refreshing which gets me excited to take my first sip.

The flavor of this tea is exactly how it smells, minty! I like this because on one hand it's refreshing but at the same time it's soothing. I think any good tea leaves a flavor on your tongue but there is something different about this, maybe because I'm not used to drinking chamomile teas. A few sips into this tea and I was ready to chill out and relax. 

I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants a warm tea at night but can't stand the caffeine! The flavor left on your tongue is much lighter and joyful than what is left when you drink a heavier black tea.

Can't wait to try more tea from Wight Tea Co and follow their tea journey. So far all of their blends are so thoughtful and delicious!

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