Persian Rose Garden

Rose Water.

Rose water is essential in Iranian culture. Rose water is often seen in our desserts, it is an acquired taste for some. Rose water is also an ingredient used when making tea. I went to Rumi Tea and Spice this weekend for their "festival of flavor." I was honored to have some of my tea photography and calligraphy on display. Of course while I was there I had to snag some of their newest tea, Persian Rose Garden! 

Hi! This is me being super dorky next to my work :)

Hi! This is me being super dorky next to my work :)

The Persian Rose Garden tea mimics the classic rose water tea with whole rose buds and cardamom! 

Close up of the roses !

Dry & Brewed Aroma: This tea has an earl grey base and that is definitely the dominant fragrance. The rose petals do place a role in sweetening the smell of the blend. When brewed the scent is very similar but a bit mellower. 

The floral fragrance of the tea makes think the tea is sweeter than it is when I taste it. 

***NOTE: This tea is perfect with a cookie*** 

My favorite part about this tea is that the aroma reminds me of my childhood. We would go to my cousin's house every weekend and I remember the adults all sitting and chatting with tea in their hands. As soon as we arrived the tea was already ready and the whole first floor was engulfed with the florals of the tea.

I would suggest this to anyone who loves earl grey or ceylon teas! You can purchase it online soon!