American Tea Room- Caramel

I discovered American Tea Room on Instagram. Btw, if you're not following @teathoughts on Instagram you should! Back to American Tea Room, I can't wait to visit. The next time I'm on the west coast American Tea Room will be my first stop. Not only do they have a wide variety of teas but it seems like such a cool place! Do I sound like a fan girl even though I haven't even visited? oh well.

Probably the coolest thing is their Tea Zone, I dig anything that gets people learning about tea.


I finally got around to buying tea from American Tea Room and decided that I've been branching out so much that I've forgotten about different black tea blends. Black tea is my favorite and It was time to be adventurous. 

I purchased their caramel tea which is a black Indian tea with real chunks of caramel! Don't believe me? 

Now that you believe me, back to fragrant. You know that smell at a carnival? That sweet, delicious smell of caramel on different snacks? The one that takes you back to your childhood? That's the wonderful smell that filled my nostrils when I opened the bag. 

After I brewed the tea and poured it into my glass the smell was even more powerful, engulfing my entire apartment! Heaven! 

The taste was wonderful, it was different than the black tea I've been drinking in most recent years but is so familiar to me. I believe one of my relatives used to have this type of black tea at their house when I was younger. The caramel doesn't make it too sweet but definitely gives a candied taste to the tea. Upon putting some honey in the brew, it was perfect. 

Seriously if you're near this tea room I'm jealous but Ill keep trying teas until I can visit. Did I mention they sent me a free sample? Complete surprise but a yummy one!

Oops these beautiful buds go in my way :)

Oops these beautiful buds go in my way :)