Let it snow!

Blooming tea. 

My aunt recently gave me a little package containing a blooming tea! For those of you who aren't familiar, this is a tea that is dried and opens (blooms) when put in hot water. 

There's a huge snowstorm coming my way this weekend so I thought it was only appropriate to try this blooming tea that happens to be called, Let It Snow!

You can get the same exact one I tried at Teaposy .

Here is what it looked like dry. I would suggest using a bowl to brew this or a glass teapot if you have one. This little ball is enough to brew 6-8 cups of tea so brewing it in a small glass is a waste, I think. 

This thing really is compact! It looks like a little mushroom. I couldn't put my finger on the smell, it was It almost had the same aroma as a fig. 

I attempted to take a video of it brewing and of course my phone crapped out on me at the beginning which is the coolest part to watch!

Once bloomed out fully, it started to release parts of the top as if it was spitting out little leaves to brew, it was beautiful!

According to teaposy the tea actually contains chrysanthemum, coconut fruit fiber, silver needle white tea and is scented with jasmine flower.

This tea had a surprising nutty flavor, sort of like macadamia nuts!

Look at this beauty!

Look at this beauty!

I took the flower out after brewing, love how beautiful it is. I'm thinking about drying it out and putting it in a mason jar as decor!