Dragonfruit Devotion

I've been so set in my ways of drinking solely black tea. One of the main purposes of this blog was for me to explore other types of tea and to share my experiences with you! I can't really call myself a true tea lover unless I've tried as many as I can get my hands on. My dear friend gave me some tea from Teavana and because it was fruit flavored I was scared to try it, but I did today!

Brew time: I let this tea brew for about 8 minutes and it was steeped just fine. 

Color: The brewed tea was a pink color, like grapefruit colored. 

Smell: The aroma was very sweet like sugar and already puts the idea of "sweet" in your head before you even put your lips to the glass. 

Taste: I was underwhelmed by the sweetness. I think because I was expecting dragon fruit to be overly sweet I didn't add honey or any sugar. There was quite a punch of flavor when you take your first sip and with the small amount of sweet also comes a bit of a tangy taste. halfway through the glass I kind of imagined it as fruit juice served hot, hot juice. All in all I think it was good but not my favorite. I might a bit of honey next time because I think it would mix well with the fruit. 


Probably my favorite looking tea. 

Probably my favorite looking tea.