Green Tea Tasting

Green Tea. 

So far,  I've mostly talked about black tea but tonight I had a delicious glass of green. My aunt sent me this loose leaf green, it's straight from China! I'll have to ask her where she ordered it from because there is no English on the packaging to give me a hint.

Green and black tea are very similar in taste and in benefit. Both black and green tea have an intoxicating smell, full body with a lingering taste on your tongue. 

This green tea was exceptional. I have had other green teas that didn't have as much flavor. Have you never had green tea? Here are some great health benefits:

1) Better digestion

2) Improves your skin

3) May have fat burning properties

4) Improves brain function

Don't mind me eating a cookie before dinner. 

Don't mind me eating a cookie before dinner.