Leaves are in the air!

Tea Leaves & Tree Leaves

Today I awoke to what I'm calling bone chilling weather... 40 degrees! I wasn't ready for it! I went over to the kitchen and fired up the pot of water so that I can brew my anti cold, tea. As I went out I saw all these beautiful leaves blowing in the wind and I decided to lay them down beside some leaves from a different family. 

Growing up with Iranian parents means that you're surrounded by tea. I've been drinking tea since childhood! To me it has become a magical substance that helps many ailments. Here is a list of things that often are cured or helped greatly by drinking tea.

  1. Having a chill: Tea is a quick way to warm you up!
  2. Upset stomach: I always drink tea when my stomach isn't right, I think it does a good job of settling it
  3. Stress: Depending on how caffeine affects you this may or may not work. When I'm stressed, I brew a glass of tea and the way it warms my body up truly relaxes me and rids me of my stress
  4. Sadness: This one is similar to stress, the warmth of your body from the tea causes a sense of joy 
  5. Pink eye (mild case): As a child whenever we had pink eye or some eye iritations we would dip a cloth into the tea and dab it on our eyes. This sounds crazy but it always worked! Perhaps the herbs in the tea do the trick. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor these are just my observations


I really wanted to share with you what I paired my tea with this morning. Egg cups and raspberries were delicious ! I use a muffin for the egg cups and cook at 350 degrees for about 13-15 minutes. The amount of time you cook them really depends on how loose you like the yolk, once the white have cooked you can take them out anytime. 

I used turkey bacon, baby kale & spinach, salt, pepper and garlic powder to accompany the eggs. First I cooked the turkey bacon a little, cut it up into small pieces and distributed it in the muffin tin (which I put a little olive oil in). Next, crack an egg in each mold of the muffin tin. Add all the spices and top with finely chopped spinach and kale! 

Simple, quick and healthy breakfast to go with your tea!