An Introduction To My Favorite Tea

Tea "Connoisseur"

I'm a self proclaimed tea connoisseur but I was raised  drinking one type of tea - black tea. There are many types of black tea but generally speaking the tea my family bought was a mix of early grey and Ceylon leaves. One goal of my blog is to try new teas and let my readers know what I think...I have some exciting teas lined up :)

Tonight's tea (pictured below)  has a rich mahogany color and an incredible fragrance. A fragrance that is entirely hard to explain but when I smell it, I feel instant happiness. To me, it almost has a woodsy smell, very solid and strong. 

Loose Leaf Only

I'm pro- loose leaf and anti - tea bags. Unless you are in an absolute rush I wouldn't ever want to resort to tea bags. The leaves are so flavorful and deserve to be brewed, not crushed and bagged! Check out a picture of the tea I drank tonight. I buy this from Yekta, a local Iranian super market to my area but if you don't have a store near you online is always an option! Here are some links below to some of the teas I have enjoyed over the years.

  1. "Best Tea" - This brand name always makes me chuckle but also warms my belly the BEST. This is the brand my mother & I have been stuck on for a while!

  2. Top Tea - Woah, are these teas full of themselves or what?! This is my second favorite. Although I like best tea's flavor slightly better, this tea has the best fragrance I have ever experienced

  3. Sadaf Special Blend- This is one of the more popular brands of tea and it is good but doesn't measure up to the previous teas, in my humble tea connoisseur opinion :)

If you live in Maryland, check out Yekta market on Rockville pike!